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Japanese Language


These are the websites which explain a Japanese word.

At some sites, Japanese girls ("Shoujo" and "Otome" etc.) are introduced.

In addition, some sites are explaining how to write Japanese ("Kanji" and "Hiragana" more..) etc.

Arts Wallpapers

Arts & Wallpapers

These websites are collecting the wallpapers of anime or manga.

Our arts & wallpapers is using a lovely("Kawaii") japanese anime, manga, tv, etc.



These websites offer information significant to your life.

Information realizable by the program of a computer is offered. Moreover, various industries, social news, etc. are published.

Japanese Culture

Websites in Japan

We have some Japanese websites.

These sites offer various kinds of information, including a personal computer, Loto, etc.

Moreover, some sites show the original picture etc.

We offer many amusement through culture and a language of Japan.

These websites are working by the Web server in each area in the world.

We would like to offer the amusement many people in the world have you enjoy.